Kindergarten Word Processing

Vocabulary: File, menu bar, cursor, open, save, print, word processing, arrow, keys, space bar, shift, enter, return, backspace, delete, letters, numbers, keyboard, home row, and respect.

Word Processing Skills:

  • Identify basic word processing vocabulary
  • Identify, discuss, and use word processing as a tool to enter letters, numbers and words
  • Identify, locate and use special keys (e.g. arrow keys, space bar, shift, enter/return, backspace, delete), letters, and numbers on the keyboard.
This is a link to Guilford County Schools wordprocessing skills for Kindergarten:
Language Arts
Social Studies
Fine Arts/PE
Have students use Kid Pix or Word to type their name.
Students create a page about themselves for a class book using Word, Kid Pix, or another basic word processing program
Have the students dictate a sentence about the weather for that day. Let them illustrate the picture in Kids Pix or with crayons
Practice counting using Kid Pix template
Have the students use Word or Kid Pix to describe a piece of artwork or an activity done in music or PE.

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